Hotel & Restaurant Doda

Kryqëzimi Kuben, Peshkopi, Dibër, Albania
+355 68 20 56 824 / +355 67 44 40 599

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Established to achieve excellence Hotel “Doda”, luxury hotel is positioned in a perfect location near Peshkopi town, the Cuben Crucifix.

In addition to the rugged location, Hotel “Doda” has unique architectural details to give the feeling of an unforgettable accommodation.

The hotel features modernly furnished rooms of the highest quality, offering privacy in addition to luxury and chic.

It is served by a very professional, friendly and friendly staff who is very well synchronized with the explanation they make to their clients.

Therefore Hotel “Doda” is one of the best hotels in Peshkopi for the most comfortable stay. Where price, quality, atmosphere are the main things for which our customers choose Hotel “Doda”.


Adresa: Kryqëzimi Kuben, Peshkopi, Dibër, Albania

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