Lake Dibra

Liqeni i Dibrës

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Lake Dibra was created in the Radici and Drini i Zi rivers. The lake was created by raising the height of the dam of 102 meters, which was built in the period 1966-1968. The reservoir was completed in 1969. It has an area of 13.2 km², 92 m depth and a total accumulation of 520 million m3 of water, which is used to produce 300 million KW of electricity. Lake water temperature is about 14.4 ° C, minimum to 3.0 ° C, and maximum 23.9 ° C.
The lake and the surrounding villages form an extraordinary landscape, which in general has the appearance of an elevated plain in the town of Dibra. The lake provides tremendous opportunities for holding sporting events in calm waters. A great interest is the use of beaches during the summer period by residents and guests.




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