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Dibra throughout history is known for the hamams that were built at the time of the Ottoman Empire. These are objects that are distinguished by their architectural quality and the material they are built with. Dibra has had some hammams, but two of them are distinguished, the old hammam and the new hammam, both of which have been used by the Dibraans to maintain personal hygiene but also for their recreation.

The old hamam, according to research by architects and historians, was built in the 17th century. The old hamlet is located near the Hinqari Mosque, the oldest mosque in Debar. The hammam has an oriental architecture building, built on a separate square, in the old part of the city. The hammam has a 15 × 15 square meter gap, with exterior, movable shapes. In the hamam itself there was a salon that had the ceiling of a semi-arch, and then rank the baths of this hammam. The hammam was used by the rich dibranes in Turkey’s time. Use has been selective and there are not all those who have been willing to use the hammam for individual hygiene. This hammam was used until 1928-1930.

The second haven of great significance for the city of Dibra is the new hammam, which is built near the city’s central road and all the records say it was built in 1872. It is made of strong material, carved stone marble and brick, as has been built the old hammam. This hammam also had a 15 × 15 square meter gap, while the front part of the annex has a scale of 10 × 10 square meters. . In front of the entrance to the bath parts, first there was a large salon, with a sofar mounted almost in the form of a hexagon and marble tiled. At the height of this hammam has been a large domed, in which there have been paintings ornaments from the plant world. In the dome there was a long light bulb, while the balconies of this hammam were characteristic, where the dialects were made. The hammam had five domes and some roofs. During the construction of this hammam are included stones and marbles that were taken from some of the old Dibra towers, which have been in the phase of demolition. He has returned to art gallery today.




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