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The stunning nature, the land, the favorable geographic position, over 500 m above sea level, the ripple of the source of the Vardar River, west of Macedonia, surrounded by two fortresses, Sharri and Mali i Thatë, and many other features extends calm with its inhabitants the city of many events and personalities, GOSTIVARI.

To contemplate in close proximity the wonderful panorama of the city of Gostivar, either coming from Tirana, Ohrid to Gostivar, or from Pristina, Skopje, from Tetovo to Gostivar, are used modern motorways that violate the wide field of Pollog. Otherwise, all traffic, road or rail, enables fast circulation. One hundred kilometers south is the airport in Ohrid and about ninety kilometers away from the airport in Skopje.

Gostivar is a commune which occupies an area of ​​about 650 square kilometers. The city represents an administrative, political, cultural and business environment for more than eighty thousand people, of whom 36,000 live in the city core. Typical multicultural environment. In it live Albanians, Macedonians, Turks, Roma and others. The city, which is truly a beautiful place to live, offering a pleasant climate in all seasons of the year, wonderful location, traffic, business conditions, tuition …

For this reason, for years ahead, there has clearly been an expansion of the population, as well as of economic development, cultivation of particulars and especially of the care and creation of the best possible conditions for living.

Since the spring of 2005, the prospects are even more powerful with the ongoing decentralization, which is why local public authorities have a lot of care in most public works. Otherwise, the results are now being seen.

Tradition gives the mark in any environment. The inhabitants of Gostivar will gladly tell them about the name of their city.
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